Homestay Accommodation | Host Families in York

Homestay Accommodation

Our students have been staying in homestay accommodation since the earliest days of the College. In fact, some of our families are the children of our original homestay providers!

Comfortable and safe accommodation, often within walking distance of the College, is available for all students. We believe that staying in local homes, carefully selected by the College, gives students the best opportunity to practise their English.

The College has around 140 families in York ready to welcome students into their homes.

Students live as part of the household and share meals and facilities with the family. We have many different types of host: families with children, couples and single people. We are always willing to try and help with requests.

Older students, over the age of 25, can choose homestay with private bathroom (WC, bath or shower).

We can also arrange hotel, bed and breakfast and self-catering accommodation for adult students.