Course Application Form

Course Application Form

Please note that not all courses can be provided all year. Your place is not guaranteed until you have received confirmation from the College.

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Please only enter a mobile phone number if it will work within the UK. A mobile number is very helpful on the arrival and departure day for the College and host family

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All tuition starts on Mondays. All homestay accommodation arranged by the College and all airport transport services arrange by the College start on the previous Sunday.

Your Level of English
  • Excellent standard of English
  • CEF Level C2
    Exam: CPE / IELTS 8
  • Excellent standard of English
  • CEF Level C1
    Exam: CAE / IELTS 7
  • Very good standard of English
  • CEF Level B2
    Exam: FCE / IELTS 6
  • Good standard of English
  • CEF Level B1
    Exam: PET / IELTS 5
  • Fair standard of English
  • CEF Level A2
    Exam: KET / IELTS 4
  • Weak standard of English
  • CEF Level A1
    Exam: IELTS 3


Melton College can arrange homestay accommodation for you - please choose below:

Homestay means "in a home" - this might be with a family with or without children, an older couple, a single parent or a single person. Students under 18 may be expected to share bedrooms with another student with a different first language. If you do not want homestay accommodation but would like help or advice booking at hotel/hostel, please contact the College.

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It is illegal for people under the age of 18 to buy cigarettes in the UK. Please do not say you are vegetarian if you eat fish or chicken! Instead write that you do not eat red meat in the box below.

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Your Journey to York

Transfers are included for students with "Homestay Extra" - these are from Leeds and Manchester airports only and are between fixed times. Arranging other transfers incurs a supplement. See the College website for details.

Which airport transfers do you need? *

Booking conditions - please read carefully
  • For courses of up to five weeks, full fees must be received five weeks in advance
  • For courses of more than five weeks, fees can be paid in instalments of five weeks. Each instalment must be received five weeks in advance.
  • To qualify for any long-term discount, full fees for the discounted period must be received five weeks in advance.
  • Once paid, the booking fee will always be retained by the College.
  • If you wish to cancel or shorten a course, you must give five weeks' written notice, otherwise up to five weeks' fees will be forfeit in lieu of notice.
  • If you cancel or shorten your course you will lose the right to any long-term discount and refund will be made relative to the length of course actually taken.
  • No place can be definitely reserved and no accommodation arranged until fees have been received.

Any variation of these fees is only possible with the written agreement of both parties.

If you are under 18, please provide the name of a parent or guardian:

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