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Cambridge Admissions Testing

Cambridge Admissions Testing

We will only be holding the BMAT admissions test this year. 


01 September 2021 – Registration opens

01 October 2021 – Deadline to register at the standard fee (£105.00) 

15 October 2021 – Deadline to register with late entry fee (£140.00 in total) 

03 November 2021 – Test Date

26 November 2021 – Results released

The test this year will take place on computer but you must still be present in the test centre to take your test. You will be required to bring your own laptop with you to complete the test. We will NOT be able to provide a laptop for you to use. We will provide you with full details of the software and specifications needed to complete the test. 

If you would like to register, please email – katie.davis@meltoncollege.co.uk for an application form. 

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing believe all your applicants should have a fair opportunity to prove they have what it takes, and you should have the right tools and information to find the people who will thrive.

As part of the University of Cambridge, the tests provide a fair measure of skills and aptitude to help you make informed decisions. As a trusted partner, they work closely with universities, governments and employers to enhance their selection process.

Cambridge Admissions Testing offer a range of tests to support selection and recruitment for universities, governments and employers around the world.

The tests:

  • help you select applicants with the greatest potential for success. Their research shows that candidates with positive university admissions test scores are more likely to thrive on-course
  • make comparing a large pool of international applications easy, as their admissions tests provide a trustworthy benchmark for students’ abilities
  • give every person the opportunity to let their true potential shine
  • include free preparation material to help applicants prepare for a test, including practice papers, guides and support materials
  • cover skills essential for higher education, including problem solving, critical thinking, written communication and the application of subject knowledge.

Melton College currently offers admissions testing for a wide range of courses, for a full list of admissions tests, please contact Katie Davis – katie.davis@meltoncollege.co.uk

We currently only offer these tests for the October sessions.

For more information about the tests and to see which institutions accept them, you can visit the Cambridge Admissions Testing website here 

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