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How can I make a complaint?

How can I make a complaint?

We want students to enjoy themselves! If students are unhappy about anything please come and speak to a member of staff, as soon as possible. The Principal, Academic Manager and Head of Student Services are happy to talk to you, in confidence (private) if you wish, and will do everything we can to help.

If you are a parent/guardian and wish to make a complaint please email english@meltoncollege.co.uk

If we cannot solve the problem immediately to your satisfaction we may ask you to put your complaint in writing. We will then respond in writing.

If we are unable to resolve the situation our professional organisation, English UK provides an Ombudsman’s service. English UK will attempt to mediate but if this fails and you are still dissatisfied, the complaint can be put to the independent Ombudsman, who will issue an adjudication which it is binding on Melton College to accept. This service is available to all students at English UK schools and the details can be found on the information sheet in the main hall. You can write to: English UK.

Quality English and IALC also have complaints procedures you can follow but you are limited to pursuing your complaint through only one of them at a time.


Refunds are made in accordance with the College Booking Conditions. Please note, if you paid through an agent then the refund can only be made through the agent.

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