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Are there special bank accounts compliant to the Shariah?

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Are there special bank accounts compliant to the Shariah?

The Amanah Bank Account has been created to provide a Shariah compliant way of handling your day to day finances. The account includes: cheque book and debit card, standing order and direct debit facilities, statements, internet and telephone banking and cash withdrawals.

Do you accept beginners?

We do not accept beginners on any of our courses. The minimum level for our General English, Gold, Summer and Young Learner Courses is Elementary. Our IELTS PREP Course is aimed at Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate level students.

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How long can I stay?

You can come for as little as one week or for up to 11 months. We will welcome you to start a course at any time of the year except the two weeks over Christmas, when the school is closed.

Can I keep the materials I am given in class?

At the beginner of their course all students are given a folder in which to collect and keep worksheets completed and the work done in lessons. Students take this home at the end of their course. On courses which follow a coursebook, all students will be given a Students’ Book and a Workbook to keep.

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Are you looking for teachers? I am an English teacher with X years experience…

You are always welcome to send your CV. Even if we are not looking for teachers at this particular time, we might consider your application when we are looking for teachers later.

Do you ever ask students to leave the College?

We would ask students to leave the College if they behaved in an unacceptable manner, did not attend class, broke the law, or did not pay for their course/accomodation. Please ‘Read More’ for details.

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Do you run a social programme? How much does it cost?

All our courses have a social programme. On some courses these activities are included in the fees, on other courses there may be additional costs for some activities.

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Can we bring additional leaders on Group Courses?

Yes, but you will need to cover their costs.

What age can the College accept on Group Courses?

From 11.

Can our group land in the south and visit London?

Of course! However, there will be a surcharge for the transfers.

Can we stay an extra night after the Group Course?

Yes, for an additional fee.

If we have time, can we arrange an additional excursion on the Group Course?

Of course! The cost will depend on the group size and destination chosen.

What is the Group Course timetable?

Mini-stay courses are flexible so the timetable of tuition and activities is up to you! Closed Group Courses are normally skills based. However, we can tailor the tuition to suit the requirements of your group. 

Are there any weeks we cannot choose for a Group Course?

Yes, we cannot accept closed groups for the two weeks over Christmas, for during the Easter or Summer Courses.

How much does public transport cost in York?

All our Homestay accommodation is within 3km of the College, and many are within walking distance. For some Homestay students, a local bus pass is included. For other students, please have a look at First Bus York for up to date prices

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