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What are the rules for students under 18?

What are the rules for students under 18?

If you are under 18 years old then the law says that the College is responsible for you. This does not mean we think you are a child but it does mean that we must think about what is best for you in the way that a parent would. Sometimes this may stop you doing things you want to do and we do understand that this may seem very unfair.

Please remember that we want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible but the most important thing is we want you to be safe. Because we are looking after you, our decision is final and it cannot be changed by you or by your parents.

  • You must accept and follow the College Curfew
  • If you go out in the evening or at the weekend you must tell your host where you are going
  • You must not leave York except on an excursion or a transfer arranged or sanctioned by the College
  • You must attend all Saturday excursions
  • You must attend all timetabled classes
  • You must not hire or borrow a bicycle

There are also additional rules for students under 16

  • You must return to your host family for your evening meal unless you are on a College activity or with a group leader
  • You may only go into the City if accompanied by a College teacher or a group leader, or with the knowledge and consent of your host family or the College
  • If you have permission to go into York after lessons/activities you must go with at least one other student. You must stay together until you start your journey home

After lessons/activities

You must sign out on the Welfare register when you leave at the end of the day.

Evening Events

If you are coming to an evening event at the College where food is provided, you may stay at the College or go into the City until the event begins. You must make sure your host knows you will not be home for dinner. After the event, you must go straight home or wait outside the College if your host is collecting you.

The law for students under 18

  • You cannot buy alcohol, have alcohol bought for you or consume alcohol in a public place.
  • You cannot buy cigarettes or have cigarettes bought for you.
  • You are not allowed into some licensed buildings (pubs).
  • You cannot watch some films at the cinema
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