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  • All students, regardless of course type or length, pay a non-refundable booking fee of £75, included in the price quoted here.
  • For courses of up to five weeks, full fees must be received five weeks in advance
  • For courses of more than five weeks, fees can be paid in instalments of five weeks. Each instalment must be received five weeks in advance
  • Once paid, the booking fee will always be retained by the college
  • The College requires proof that students under 18 have appropriate travel and medical insurance
  • If you wish to cancel or shorten a course, you must give five weeks' written notice, otherwise up to five weeks' fees will be forfeit in lieu of notice
  • If you cancel or shorten a course you will lose the right to any course length related discount and any refund will be made relative to the length of course actually taken
  • If an Airport Transfer is required, a waiting time fee for late landing (from 90 mins after published landing time) is chargeable at £5 per 15 minutes
  • No place can be definitely reserved and no accommodation arranged until fees have been received
  • Any variation of these fees is only possible with the written agreement of both parties
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