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Becoming a homestay host

Becoming a homestay host

We place most of our students with local households. Hosting a student is fun and it is really rewarding to meet people from all over the world!  It is also a great way of generating a little extra income!

We place students in single and twin rooms, and we can use triple/quadruple rooms for our many school groups that come throughout the year! We can place up to four students per household.

What does a homestay host provide?


A homestay provides a warm, comfortable bedroom with sufficient space for storage for an individual adult student or a single or twin room for students under 18.

Triple rooms are acceptable with the agreement of the parents concerned (so mainly for groups). Some adult couples may ask for a double or twin room and some relatives or siblings may request a twin room.

You will be hosting students so, unless there is a desk in the room they will need table space somewhere to do homework.


Breakfast and dinner on all days and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. If the student is on a College excursion, they will need a packed lunch. On the arrival and departure day homestay hosts will be expected to provide meals after arrival or before departure so, for example, if the student is leaving at 1700 the homestay should provide breakfast and lunch.


When do students arrive?

Sunday is our standard arrival/departure day.

Some groups, coming from September -June will arrive on other days.

Students travelling by coach will need to be collected from/delivered to Holgate Park (If this is not possible the College will provide a taxi at a cost of £10 per journey). Other students will be delivered to/collected from your house.

What you are paid as a host

Hosts are paid £20 per student per night. We pay the same for all students!

Number of students Payment per night
1 £20
2 £40
3 £60
4 £80

How many students can a homestay host?

Working with an Accredited school guarantees adherence to standards, set down by AccreditationUK. Any school claiming AccreditationUK (British Council) accreditation is bound by the same rules!  The key rules are:

  • Maximum of 4 students per homestay
  • Maximum of 2 students per bedroom (unless explicitly agreed by the students and the parents or the students concerned)
  • Only one student from any language. The only exception is where students are explicitly placed in pairs.

How to apply

How do I apply?

Contact our Accommodation Manager, Denise by calling 01904 622250 or emailing studentservices@meltoncollege.co.uk.


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