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Getting To and From York

Getting To and From York

York is half-way between London and Edinburgh on the fastest railway line in the UK. York also has a direct link to Manchester, the biggest airport in the North of England, with flights to hundreds of destinations in Europe and round the world!

Most students travel to the UK by air and then by train or taxi to York. This page has detailed information for students arriving at the closest major airports – Manchester and Leeds – as well as from other airports. There is also information for those arriving by train or by car.

Please remember that students staying in Homestay accommodation need to book an airport transfer (unless you have confirmed the details of your alternative arrangements with the school). Click here for details.

By Air

Manchester Airport has a direct rail link to York. This makes Manchester Airport a good choice for your arrival airport. Manchester has a good selection of European flights including a number of flights to all the main "European Gateway" airports. Manchester also has a number of long-haul flights.

See the Manchester Airport Website for details.

Leeds Bradford Airport is the closest to York (45 minutes by road). Leeds Bradford has good connections, particularly during the summer, to European holiday destinations. Leeds Bradford also has excellent connections to Amsterdam Airport.

The Amsterdam connection is ideal for long-haul students and is also a good choice for younger students travelling as "unaccompanied minors".

See the Leeds Bradford Airport Website for details.

The excellent services offered by Manchester and Leeds Bradford mean that you do not have to travel through London's busy airports! Of course, if you would prefer to fly in to a London airport, then York also has the advantage of a high speed rail link to London.

From the Airport to York

  Airport to Station Train Taxi to York
Manchester Airport Station in airport  1h 55min 132km. Travel time - 1hr 30min
Leeds Airport 45 min by bus  0h 22min 49km. Travel time - 0hr 44min
Newcastle Airport 35 min by bus 1h 00min 154km. Travel time - 1hr 56min
Liverpool Airport Shuttle bus  2h 30min 160km. Travel time - 1hr 45min
Luton Airport Shuttle bus  3h 10min 287km. Travel time - 2hr 54min
Stansted Airport Station in airport  3h 20min 293km. Travel time - 2hr 59min
London Heathrow Airport 60 min by underground  2h 00min 336km. Travel time - 3hr 25min
London Gatwick Airport Station in Airport  3h 30min 394km. Travel time - 3hr 54min

The best options are in bold.  The saving in terms of time and convenience will almost always offset the advantage in ticket price.


Both London Heathrow and London Gatwick have complicated changes in London - especially if travelling with luggage!

Luton and Stansted (and Gatwick) are some distance outside London



By Train from around the UK

The railways were born in York!  York has excellent connections to all points of the UK!

York to Fastest train
Leeds 22min
Manchester 1h 18min
London 1h 47min
Liverpool 2h 07min
Cambridge 2h 13min
Edinburgh 2h 26min
Oxford 3h 36min


By Car

York is situated close to the M1 motorway from London and the M62 motorway from Manchester. York is about a one-hour drive from the Ferry Port in Hull. Parking is available at the College and guaranteed parking is available for guests staying at Melton Guest House, our hotel next to the College.

By Sea

There are overnight ferry services from both The Netherlands and Belgium, arriving at Hull. The Ferry Port is about one-hour from York. There are also cross-channel ferries but remember, Dover is often congested and is a 4.5-hour drive from York!

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