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Melton Guest House

Melton Guest House

Melton College has its own hotel, Melton Guest House, right next door to the College!

Melton Guest House is a small boutique hotel with 14 rooms. We have rooms for from 1~5 guests! The Guest House is in the building next to the College and guests can move between the House and College through the private garden.

Who can stay?

Melton Guest House is open to the public, who book via a popular booking website. Adult students and Young Learners (if staying with their parents) can book as part of their course as a special rate. To benefit from the rate guests must book through the College.

How many rooms are there in Melton Guest House?

Room Room type Child bed in room?
1 Twin/Double Yes
2 Twin/Double Yes
3 Double No
4 Twin No
5 Twin/Double Yes
6 Twin/Double Yes
7 Twin/Double Yes x2
8 Small double No
9 Twin/Double Yes
10 Twin/Double No
11 Double No
12 Large Double Yes, 2 bunk beds in separate bedroom
Apartment (13) Double No
14 Double + Twin + Single with shared bathroom No

What meals are included?

Melton Guest House is offered on a  light dinner, bed and continental breakfast basis. Students can also make a packed lunch at breakfast


Is Melton Guest House suitable for families?

Children are welcome in Melton Guest House if staying with a parent or adult relative.

Melton Guest House has a number of family rooms with additional child beds. 


How much does it cost?

Number of occupants Price per room, per night
Basic charge (single occupancy) £75
Add one adult £50 = £125
Add child /children +£30 (per child)= £105
Add child (student at the College) +£20 (per child) = £95


Mum, sharing a room with two children, both studying at the College.  £115 per night for all three

Mum and Dad, sharing with one child studying at the College. £145 per night for all three


Please note, these new prices, introduced in Spring 2022 cannot be combined with any previous offers or discounts offered to individuals or partners.

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