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How do I become a host?

FAQs: Hosts

How do I become a host?

Follow the link to our “become a host” page or contact our Accommodation Manager, Denise by calling 01904 622250 or emailing studentservices@meltoncollege.co.uk

What happens when I apply to be a host?

Once for have filled in the applications forms, Denise will arrange to visit the room/s you are offering. If everything is suitable you will sign a formal agreement and officially become a host

What does a homestay host provide?

Requirements for providing homestay accommodation.

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When does the College require Homestay accommodation?

All year round except for 2 weeks over Christmas when the College is closed. Please note if the room is not available in July, August or September we will be unlikely to use that room.

What are the minimum and maximum ages for courses at the College?

General English A: 18+. General English B: 16+. Gold: 40+. Young Learners Summer 11-17. Young Learners Winter, Easter & October: 10-17. IELTS Prep: 16+

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What time is curfew?

When at Melton College, if you are under 18, the College will, in certain circumstances, make decisions on behalf of your parents. The College has decided that all students under the age of 18 should return home by certain curfew times. See ‘Read More’ for details.

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What is Melton College’s safeguarding policy?

Melton College has a moral and legal obligation to provide students with the highest possible standard of care. Melton College is committed to devising and implementing policies so that all staff are aware of their responsibilities to safeguard children from harm and abuse.

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