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What if I am too ill to attend?

FAQs: Gold Courses

What if I am too ill to attend?

Please contact the College and let us know.

Do I have to attend all my classes?

You are an adult and if you choose to miss classes, that is your choice (though please remember, you cannot get a refund!).

If you miss classes, you may miss something important for later lessons and your teachers will not be able to repeat previous material for you. Similarly, please remember that arriving late is

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Can we come as a family?

Yes!  Melton College almost always runs Gold Courses (for those aged 40+) and Young Learners' Courses at the same time!  This means parents can join the Gold Course and kids the Young Learners' Course.

What are the minimum and maximum ages for courses at the College?

Gold: 40+.
Young Learners: 11-19. (10 if coming with a parent)

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What are the rules in class?

In order to get the most out of your experience at the College, there are a number of rules we expect students to follow in class. Please ‘Read More’ for details

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Do you provide travel insurance?

We can arrange travel insurance, but it is not automatically included in your course. You can download the details of the insurance we offer in the download section.

How do I pay for my course?

Flywire is our preferred method of payment and payment for your course is due at least 5 weeks before the course start date.

Can I start any Monday?

It depends which course you are following, please ‘Read More’ for details.

Who will be in my class? And how many students will be there?

For all courses at the College the maximum number of students in each class is 14.

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What if the level of the class is too low or too high for me?

If after you have completed your first day in the College you think you should be in another level please speak to the Director of Studies.

Will I have the same teacher for all my classes?

Generally, you will be taught by three different teachers during a full day.

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Where will my classes be?

All your classes will be at Melton College.

Will I get a certificate when I finish the course or pass an examination?

Every student receives a certificate from Melton College

Are social activities and excursions included in the fees?

Gold Courses: Yes, all timetabled activities and excursions are included in the fees.

Winter, Easter, Summer and October: The activities and excursions are all included. There is a charge for the optional extra activities.



Do you arrange weekend excursions?

During our Summer Course, Winter, Easter and October Course and the Gold Course we have excursions every weekend. We are happy to assist you to arrange your own excursion and help you with any travel/transport questions you may have.

Do you accept beginners?

We do not accept beginners on any of our courses. The minimum level for our General English, Gold, Summer and Young Learner Courses is A2, demonstrating a certain degree of confidence in conversation. Our IELTS PREP Course is aimed at Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate level students.

Can I keep the materials I am given in class?

At the start of their course all students are given a folder in which to collect and keep worksheets completed and the work done in lessons. Students take this home at the end of their course.

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