Melton College

FAQs: York

What type of restaurants are there in York?

For a small city York has an excellent independent restaurant scene! As well as a number of large chain restaurants, there are independent restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes and budgets. We have a list of places we personally recommend but a great place to start is also “The Good Food Guide” and “Indie…

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What are the rules of the road in the UK?

In the UK, cars drive on the left. When you cross the road, you should look right, look left and then look right again before crossing. Cars have right of way on the road and pedestrians should only cross at marked pedestrian crossings.

Where can I find places of worship in York?

In the College, students are invited to use the Prayer Room for private prayers. We would ask you to respect the privacy of students using the room for this purpose. Please ‘read more’ to see list of places of worship in or near York.

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How far is York from London?

York is two hours from London by train.

How much does public transport cost in York?

All Students on Homestay Extra, recieve a bus pass from the College. For other Students, the prices for buses in York are as follows: FirstDay £4.40, FirstWeek £17.00 and FirstMonth £50.00 (Prices for other companies in York may vary).

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