Melton College: Re-opening Plans for The Summer Course, August 2020

Re-opening Plans for The Summer Course, August 2020

Before travelling
For this to work there is a lot of trust needed on both sides. Many of us have been isolated or socially distanced from our friends and families for 12 weeks!  Please ensure that students have had minimal contact with anyone outside the family for the week prior to travel. Please ask them to be entirely honest about any illness, of any sort, in the family in the month leading up to the course. I would prefer to refund fees than to deal with a case of Covid-19!  Please also ask again about underlying medical conditions.

Travel insurance is vital but please do check what is and what is not covered!  Please let us have a copy of insurance schedules, in advance.

Our transfer service from Manchester and Leeds will operate in the same way as planned. However, we will be using bigger vehicles to allow social distancing on the journey to York.

Travel to and from College
Our aim is to eradicate the need for public transport.  Instead of giving bus passes, we are asking hosts to deliver and collect students living more than 20 mins walk from the College

In the College
Students and staff will be asked to maintain 2m social distance where possible. Where 2m social distance is not practical, other steps will be adopted.

Evening events and excursions
The Saturday excursions will go ahead, as planned. We will run three evening events each week and students attending the event will get their evening meal as part of the event.

Under the current circumstances, the assumption is that students will return straight home after College or activities. We will ensure they get an opportunity to shop!

We will ask students to talk to us and to you about their Sunday plans and we will remind them, if necessary, of the additional precautions they will need to take.

In the homestay home
Students will be placed one student per homestay family. The families will take and will encourage the students to take precautions, including the use of sanitiser on arrival and departure.

In the Student’s room
Students will be placed in single rooms. They will be expected to keep their rooms tidy to reduce the need for the host to go into the room. Laundry will be possible, but the students will be asked to place their own clothes in the washing machine.

In other rooms
The students and the family will maintain as much distance as possible.

In the bathroom
Students will be reminded to keep their belongings separate from the family’s, especially toothbrushes and paste. Students will be asked to lower the toilet lid before flushing. Students will be reminded to use only the towel supplied for them.

Feeling unwell
If a student, or a member of the household is unwell, they will need to isolate, pending the result of a Covid-19 test. If they test is positive this may mean a longer period of isolation, up to 14 days. This may delay the students return home. Under these circumstances, the College will cover the costs of accommodation but will not cover any costs associated with rearranging the return journey.