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The Place to Learn English

For 57 years students have come to Melton College to learn English in York. The College is in a residential part of the City, away from the crowded shopping area, it is the only IELTS Centre in York. We are also a Cambridge ESOL exam centre. We have a range of courses for students of all ages and abilities. We provide homestay accommodation and offer support for those who prefer self-catering. Our Student Services staff are committed to helping you get the most out of your time with us.

“At Melton College I have made new friends”- Elisa aged  15 from Germany

"The teachers are friendly and the lessons are fun" - Lisa aged 12 from Germany

"The teachers are friendly and help us learn English. I think Melton College is a great place to meet people from other countries" - Tim aged 12 from Germany

“The teachers are nice and the lessons are very interesting”- Phillip aged 13 from Germany

“The teachers are very friendly” - Maxime aged 17 from Italy

"The teachers have helped me improved my English and I am more confident after my course" - Jose aged  13 from Spain

"The teachers are very friendly and helpful" - Mariia aged 11 from Russia

"Everybody is kind and very nice!" - Yozo, Gold Course from Japan

"Melton College is very friendly and cheerful. I have improved my language skills and feel more confident after my course"- Patrycja from Poland, Adult English 

"The teachers at Melton College are patient and help improve your English skills" - Sviatoslav from Ukraine, Adult English 

"I like Melton College because the teachers are great and I have improved my English a lot" - Maud from France, Adult English and IELTS Prep 

"I like the tasty food. I made good friends and enjoyed activities outside and in the lessons. The teachers help you and we often work in pairs." - Miroslav aged 12 from Russia

"I like the atmosphere at the College" -  Adeline aged 14 from Germany

"Melton College is a great place to meet a lot of new people from different countries and learn about their cultures. I also like York, it is a beautiful old city with a lot of interesting history." - Rebecca aged 15 from Germany

"I like that you can find new friends and meet new people. I also like the activities in the afternoon." - Kathrin aged 13 from Germany

"The lessons are interesting and the teachers are very nice. I love the trips because they are fun. Melton College is very cool." - Zoe-Marie aged 12 from Germany