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Family Courses

Family Courses

Our Junior Courses and Gold Courses taken together make a great family option! Unaccompanied juniors must be 11-19 years old but we accept kids as young as 8 providing they come with mum or dad (or mum and dad!). Parents can join our Gold Course full or part-time - or just enjoy a great holiday in one of Europe's top tourist cities while we look after the kids and help them explore the English language in a fun and productive way!

Two Courses one great language holiday!

Follow the links below to discover more about our Gold Courses (for those aged 40+) and our Junior Courses for youngsters aged 8-19.  The courses are separate, but you can see as much of the family as you want. Excursions are shared as are some of the events - for example our popular Friday Barbecues during the summer. We know that, even with Mum and/or Dad nearby, coming on your first language course can be a bit scary!  We have produced this simple introduction for our youngest students, to help them feel more confident

One lovely hotel!

Right next door to Melton College, you will find Melton Guest House. We have 12 rooms, many of them with three or even four beds, so the Guest House is ideal for families.  We offer the hotel on a full-board basis with a full continental breakfast, packed lunch and a simple, filling, child-friendly evening meal.

Enjoy the campus

Melton Guest House residents have the College garden to walk and play in as long as it is light, and kids staying in the Guest House love the fact that they can still access the basketball and table tennis areas.

Great family atmosphere

Shared mealtimes means you can really get to know the other residents - be they Gold Course participants or families. The kids can make friends, and you can practice your English over a coffee (or perhaps something stronger!).

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