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A Bold Bowl from Beyond

A Bold Bowl from Beyond

21 June 2023

Another Year, Another Cheer –

But perhaps only from one! Another Melton College excursion to the local bowling alley ends in upset for many, as the 2022-2023 reigning champion claims the title once again. In an excruciatingly close bout between teacher Jake and student Johann, age and experience trumps the best and brightest of young minds by only three points.

The standings of the evening, taking scores from the players best game of the two:

Position Name Score
1 Jake 136
2 Johann 133
3 Laura 109
The champion of the evening had a few words to share with the College:

“The 2022 champion started the 2023 Summer
bowling season in great form.
Well done to everybody who tried (but sadly failed)
to beat Jake. Keep practising because practice makes
perfect, but remember that perfect isn’t always
good enough to compete with the elite.” – Jake, the Two-Time Year-Round Back-to-Back Bowling Champion of Melton College

Despite his claims of illegal and unethical techniques being employed by the students, it would seem the current reigning champion can be confident in the knowledge that his title might hold for some time yet. But with the students hot on his heels, no one can tell for certain…

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