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Become a host

Become a host

We place most of our students with local households. Hosting a student is fun and it is really rewarding to meet people from all over the world! It is also a great way of generating a little extra income!

We place students in single and twin rooms, and we can use triple/quadruple rooms for our many school groups that come throughout the year! We can place up to four students per household.

What will I be paid?

Currently we are looking for more hosts to take students in pairs or threes so the starting point is £378 per week for two students in one room.

You will be paid £27 per student per night. We pay the same for each student! As we nearly always place students in pairs, or threes so most hosts will be getting £54 or £81  per night. If you have two twin rooms you will get £108 per night. 

Number of students Payment per week Payment per night
1 £189 £27
2 £378 £54
3 £567 £81
4 £756 £108

When do the students come?

All year – but especially from February ~ November. Over Easter and during the summer we have lots on individual students. The rest of the year we welcome short-stay groups of mainly older teenagers. 

Who are the students?

Most of our students are teenagers – although we do have a much smaller number of older students on our Gold Courses where the minimum age is 40. Our biggest markets (about 85% of all our business) are from; Germany, Italy and Spain.  Most of our individual students stay for two weeks. Students coming as part of a school group with their teachers usually stay for one week.

Are short-term students better?

Yes. OK, it’s lovely to get to know someone over the course of the year but a series of short term students gives you much, much more flexibility!

Are adults easier to host than juniors?

Not necessarily!  Our junior student understand what is expected of them as your guests and we are there to support you! Remember, any student under 18 counts as a junior even if studying on a course for adults.

How does the College support me?

Our students book accommodation through us. We match our students with our hosts and we are there to support you. We manage arrival and departure and will keep you informed of changes. We understand this and are available for help and advice 24/7.  All our groups and Courses have a dedicated WhatsApp group for the hosts.

What is AccreditationUK?

AccreditationUK is the best known and most respected Accreditation scheme for language students in the UK – and quite possibly in the world. We are proud to be Accredited and are committed to following their rules, all of which are designed for the best interests of students, teachers and, of course, homestay providers.

What do I provide?

Bedroom or bedrooms (single, twin, double or triple/quadruple), with adequate light, heat and hanging/storage space. You will also provide breakfast and dinner and a packed lunch. Bookings are seldom for less than 5 nights, most are for one or two weeks.

Do I have to live close to the College?

No (but it does help!). Being on a good bus route to the College, The Mount or York Railway Station is a real benefit. If you live further out, but are prepared to bring the student to and collect the students from College and activities, we can place students with you.

When and where do students arrive?

Sunday is our standard arrival/departure day. Some groups, coming from September – June will arrive on other days. Students travelling by coach will need to be collected from/delivered to Holgate Park. Other students will be delivered to/collected from your house.

What will I be paid?

You will be paid £27 per student per night. We pay the same for each student! 

Follow the link below for an even more extensive coverage of what being a host entails.

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