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Campus Administrator

Campus Administrator

13 January 2022

Interested? Contact:

Melton College and Melton Guest House are looking for a Campus Administrator to help run and coordinate the administration across our Campus; School, Exam Centre, Hotel.

You will work from 0830-1700, five days from seven. 30 days holiday (including public holidays) pa.

The job is client facing but will also require genuine computer literacy. Previous knowledge of our software is a bonus but not a substitute for the ability to become familiar with new challenges.

Our key packages are; Basecamp, MS Access, WordPress, Hootsuite, Zoom, Teams, Pipedrive, SAGE, and MSOffice. In order to assist our Exam Manager, you will also need to become familiar with our exam management software.

You will need good proof-reading skills and will be able to write in client accessible language.

As a school, you will need awareness of current safeguarding best practice and to take a part, as we all do, in providing and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for our clients and students.

All necessary training will be provided including food safety, safeguarding and first aid.

Above all you will be a fast efficient administrator with an eye for detail and process!

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