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Do you ever ask students to leave the College?

Do you ever ask students to leave the College?

We would ask students to leave the College if they break the law of the UK,  bully or abuse other students, members or the college staff or their Homestay hosts. This includes students expressing extremist views in person or via social media, using extremist language or threatening violence or expressing views which are discriminatory towards other students, members of staff, hosts and their families and the general public.

Any student over the age of 18 accused of any form of abuse of a student under the age of 18 will be asked to leave the College with immediate effect but will be allowed to remain in student accommodation whilst the matter is investigated. In such cases, the Homestay provider will be informed.

If a student’s behaviour is a cause for concern, Melton College will take the following steps.

1. An informal meeting between the student the Principal and either the Director of Studies or the Designated Safeguarding Lead  to try to resolve the issue.  If under the age of 18, the College will endeavour to speak with the student’s parents before the meeting to explain the situation. The College may speak with the student’s agent (if applicable) and entrust them with the task of speaking with the student’s parents.

The student may bring a friend or group leader. After the meeting, the College will give the student a letter, setting out the changes the College expects to see. For students under the age of 18, a copy will be sent to the student’s parents.

2  If the student does not comply with the requirements, the College will ask the student to leave or, if under 18, will ask the parents of the student to make arrangement for them to leave. If deemed necessary, the College may choose to isolate a student between being asked to leave and their departure.

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