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What does a homestay host provide?

What does a homestay host provide?

Bedroom: A homestay provides a warm, comfortable bedroom with sufficient space for storage for an individual adult student or a single or twin room for students under 18. Triple rooms are acceptable with the agreement of the parents concerned (so mainly for groups). Some adult couples may ask for a double or twin room and some relatives or siblings may request a twin room.

Meals: Breakfast and dinner on all days and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. If the student is on a College excursion, they will need a packed lunch. On the arrival and departure day homestay hosts will be expected to provide meals after arrival or before departure so, for example, if the student is leaving at 1700 the homestay should provide breakfast and lunch.

Transfers: Most students will either be delivered/collected by taxi or will need to be collected and delivered from and to Holgate Park. If this is not possible the College will provide a taxi at a cost of £10 per journey.

Cancellation: If a student requests or has to be moved, the College will give 48 hours’ notice. This equates to a maximum of 2 nights fee. If the student has to be moved because a host is unable to meet the requirements of hosting, no notice will be given, and no payment made beyond payment for nights already taken.

Local transport: Some younger students ask for a “School-run service” this is up to 6 return journeys from the homestay, accompanied by an adult. This will be indicated during the booking stage and if the booking is accepted, must be provided. Students living more than 1500m from the College, if under 18, will be given a bus pass.

Students from other sources: Homestays must inform the College at the time of booking, or immediately once accepted, of any students being hosted from other sources, whilst hosting students from Melton College. Students from Melton College may not share rooms with students from another College. Students under 16 must not share homestay accommodation with adult students from any source.

Working with an Accredited school guarantees adherence to standards, set down by AccreditationUK. Any school claiming AccreditationUK (British Council) accreditation is bound by the same rules!  The key rules are:

Maximum of 4 students per homestay

Maximum of 2 students per bedroom (unless explicitly agreed by the students and the parents or the students concerned)

Only one student from any language. The only exception is where students are explicitly placed in pairs.

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