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What extra care and support is given to students under 18?

What extra care and support is given to students under 18?

Although the welfare of all students is important to us, Melton College has a number of extra welfare regulations set in place for students under 18.

All students under 18 receive lunch at the College. This is part of our Homestay Extra package, which all students under 18 are automatically enrolled. Students in their own accommodation must purchase a Homestay Extra supplement to cover their full board and bus pass.

Students under 16 must return home for their evening meal (if in Homestay Accommodation) unless at a College activity.

Students under 18 staying in College accommodation receive accompanied airport transfers from Leeds or Manchester Airports.

Students under 18 are not allowed to leave York, and those under 16 are not allowed into the city unless with another student.

Students under 18 must obey the college regulations, especially curfew times, set for our younger students.

Students under 18 must attend the Saturday excursions.

The College requires a signed Parental Consent form for students under the age of 18, which covers their travel arrangements and stay whilst in the care of the College.

All students, including those under 18, are made aware of college safeguarding and welfare regulations as well as the law of the UK as part of their first day induction.

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