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What rules do I need to follow on excursions?

What rules do I need to follow on excursions?

Please check you have received and understood any safety information given to you before visits and excursions. Make sure you follow safety instructions given on the trip either verbally or in writing by the staff leading the trip or by staff employed at the venue.

Excursions using transport
Please remember that times given for departure are the times that the coach will leave. Try to be back on the coach at least 10 minutes before departure.

College excursions leave from and return to Holgate Park.

Meeting Points
The meeting point will depend on the activity. All activities using a coach start and finish from Holgate Park.

Safety on Excursions

  • Road Safety

Please remember to be careful when crossing roads.

Remember: Look Right ~ Look Left ~ Look Right Again.

If possible, use pedestrian crossings, bridges or underpasses.

  • Coach Travel

Please remain seated when the coach is moving.

Please wear the lap-strap provided.

If you suffer from motion sickness sit near the front.

Sorry, the coach will not “drop-off” at any point on the return journey.

Remember: We give the times the coach leaves from each stop. You should be on the coach, sitting-down and ready to depart, at least 5 minutes earlier!

  • Weather

Remember, the weather in Britain changes very quickly!

Please use sun-block if the sun is shining.

Please bring a waterproof coat.

  • Water

Please be careful near water. It may be cold and deep!

Remember, rivers may have strong currents.

Remember, tidal water has strong currents and moves! Do not get cut-off!

  • Theft

Thieves like crowded areas (like the centre of cities and tourist attractions). Please look after your belongings.

  • Signs

Please obey all sign and instructions.

  • Additional stops

Excursions start and finish from Holgate Park. The coaches cannot stop to collect or to drop off students at any other point

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