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Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers

On this page you will find information about our Homestay Extra Transfer service.

If you are staying in Standard Homestay, Melton Guest House, or your own accommodation and require an airport taxi transfer, please contact us for up-to-date prices.

Which Airports are included?

The service is provided from:

Manchester International Airport (MAN)

Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBA)

What does the service include?

On arrival

Students will be met by a representative of the College, often, but not always, their driver. The representative will be waiting outside the security area, in a prominent position. They will be holding a sign with the Melton College logo.

On departure

The representative will stay with the student until they have successfully checked-in. They will accompany them to the security area.


When is the service available?

The service is only available on Sundays between fixed times. To make the service as clear as possible, all times are the scheduled arrival and departure times for flights.


To use the service, your chosen flight must land between the following times:

Manchester: 1000~1800

Leeds: 0900~2000


To use the service, your chosen flight must depart between the following times:

Manchester: 1100~1800

Leeds:  1000~1900

What happens if a flight is outside the set times?

If the flight is scheduled to land up to 2 hours before the set times, or to take off up to 2 hours after the set times, the College will make an additional charge of £75.

Students using flights landing more than 2 hours before, or after the set times will need to purchase a taxi transfer.


Can students agree to wait longer at the airport to avoid additional charges

Only if they are aged 18 or older

Will we be charged extra if a flight is early or late?

No. However, if it is cancelled and re-booked you will need to buy a taxi transfer if the new flight does arrive or depart within the set times.

Who can use the Homestay Extra transfer service?

Any student who has purchased Homestay Extra.

Any student can choose Homestay Extra. Students under the age of 18 at the start of their course must choose Homestay Extra, unless travelling with an adult.

How long will I have to wait

Students using the College's transfer service may be expected to wait for up to 4 hours at the airport from the published landing time of their flight plus the time to clear customs. Melton College arranges transfers on the understanding that students should arrive at the airport for check-in 120 minutes before their flight.

Can my child travel as a Unaccompanied Minor?

Of course, and this offers parents of younger students great peace of mind. There is a small additional charge per child to cover additional administration and waiting times.

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