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Melton College, York. Booking Conditions 2021

Melton College, York. Booking Conditions 2021


1.1 For courses of up to five weeks, full fees must be received 30 days in advance
1.2 For courses of more than five weeks, fees, including fees for accommodation can be paid in instalments of five weeks. Each instalment must be received five weeks in advance.
1.3 Once paid, the booking fee will always be retained by the College.
1.4 If you cancel or shorten a course you will lose the right to any course length related discount and any refund will be made relative to the length of course actually taken.
1.5 No place can be definitely reserved until fees have been received.
1.6 If you wish to cancel or shorten a course and/or homestay accommodation, you must give 30 days’ written notice, otherwise up to five weeks’ fees will be forfeit in lieu of notice.
1.7 Bank charges are payable by the payee and the College reserves the right to request the balance.
1.8 Students unable to attend due to visa refusal will receive a refund less a minimum of the Booking Fee.


2.1 Students under 18 must choose Homestay Extra.
2.2 Students under 18 are required to purchase the Full-Board if in privately arranged accommodation.
2.3 Students under 18 may be required to share rooms in homestay accommodation.
2.4 Private bathrooms are not available to students under 18 and are otherwise subject to availability.
2.5 Bishop’s (the Melton College Residence) is only available to students aged 18 and over unless sharing with a parent.
2.5 Students on Homestay Extra placed more than 1.5kms from the College, will receive a free bus pass.
2.6 The School run service is only available for students under 14 only. Students on the school run service will not receive a bus pass, regardless of location.
2.7 There is no reduction in the accommodation fee if a student arrives late or leaves early but, additional nights will be charged for, if a student arrives early or leaves late.
2.8 Additional nights may involve moving to a new host.
2.9 Students must not plan to arrive at or leave their host family between 0000 and 0700.
2.10 No accommodation will be arranged until fees have been received.


3.1 The College requires proof that students under 18 have appropriate travel and medical insurance. If proof is not provided, the College will provide and invoice for appropriate insurance.


4.1 After placement, Adult English Course students will be given the Coursebook associated with their level.
4.2 All students will be given an initial supply of stationery. Students should bring pens, pencils, and erasures.
4.3 Students will benefit from bringing a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


5.1 Melton College offers classes at; Advanced (C1) Upper-Intermediate (B2), Intermediate (B1), Pre-intermediate (A2) and Elementary (A1). The College does not accept beginners. If unsure of your level, please contact the College.
5.2 We offer up to three “Gold-only” levels for the duration of our Gold Courses. We reserve the right to place students in Adult General English classes if a) the Gold Course requires more than three levels or b) a Gold Course level would contain fewer than three students.


6.1 We are committed to helping you make the most of your time with us. We expect you to show your commitment by being punctual and attending all your classes.
6.2 Students aged 16 and older may share tuition with students on our General English Course.
6.3 In extreme cases, due to unplanned staff absence, classes may be combined for the duration of the absence.
6.4 Melton College has an “English Only” policy. We expect all our students to always speak English.

Social Events

7.1 Although most social events are planned for a particular course, some may be shared. This particularly applies to Saturday excursions.


8.1 Transfers are included for students on homestay extra, but limited to Manchester and Leeds Airports, between specified times.

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