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Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Accommodation

We believe staying in local homes, carefully selected by the College, gives students a great opportunity to practice their English. Our students have been staying in homestay accommodation since the earliest days of the College. In fact, some of our families are the children of our original homestay providers!

As a guest in Homestay accommodation you will eat with the family and be able to join in with family life. At Melton College, we select and inspect our own homestay accommodation. Every home is visited every year and we have a member of staff dedicated to looking after our homestays and our students staying there.

We have two different homestay options: Standard Homestay and Homestay Extra.

A very small number of our homestay hosts can offer private bathrooms.

What is homestay accommodation?

Homestay means living in a home. Many people still use the term ‘Host Family”. We place students with families, couples and single people.

The  hosts treat the student as a full member of the household, eating together and sharing the common living areas; no more than four students will be accommodated in homestay accommodation and most of our homestays take a maximum of two.

No more than two students can share a bedroom. This is a rule of British Council Accreditation. The exception is when we have been asked to place in a triple room by the students’ parents (or their representative, for example, a school or travel agent).

Homestay options

Standard Homestay
Our standard homestay includes dinner, bed and breakfast and lunch at the weekend. You will have a single room (unless you have asked to share with a friend).

Homestay Extra
Homestay Extra includes everything in our standard Homestay plus the following:

1. Packed lunch during the week
2. Airport transfers on arrival and departure from Leeds or Manchester Airport between fixed times ) see "Airport transfer Service"
3. A local bus pass if your homestay is more than 25 mins walk (2kms) from the College

For welfare reasons, Homestay Extra is mandatory for students under the age of 18 on their arrival day.

Students under 18 may be expected to share a room with another student from a different language group.

Homestay option Price per week Available for
Standard Homestay £168 Students aged 18 and over
Standard Homestay with Private Bathroom* £273  
Homestay Extra £245 All students

*limited availability

What you can expect from a homestay

  • A clean safe environment
  • Adequate heat and light
  • Space to hang/store clothes
  • A reasonable amount of washing (but not ironing)
  • A desk to work at in their bedroom or a table elsewhere in the house in a quiet area
  • Reasonable access to toilet/washing facilities (bath or shower daily)
  • Breakfast and a substantial, cooked evening meal.
  • Reasonable mealtimes. Meals eaten with host(s)
  • Lunch at the weekend (or a packed lunch)
  • A change of towels and bed linen weekly
  • The opportunity to chat and practice English, especially at meal-times

What your homestay host will expect from you

Your homestay host is inviting you into their home 

It is expected that you will:

  • Be punctual at agreed mealtimes
  • Be polite
  • Keep your bedroom in a reasonable state
  • Only invite friends round with permission
  • Only store and prepare food with their agreement
  • Not to use the telephone without permission
  • Obey College welfare regulations including, if you are under 18, the College curfew
  • Observe any house rules, including those to protect young children (stair gates etc.)
  • Keep any medicine or dangerous substances out of reach of young children
  • Pay for any damage

Can homestays provide special diets?

Many are prepared to offer special diets. 

Students who are vegetarian or do not eat pork can state this and will not be charged extra. Students’ whose diet requires the purchase of special foods will be charged a supplement of £32 per week.

Smoking in homestay

Smoking is illegal in public buildings but is permissible in a private home. However, almost no homestays will accept smokers.

When is your room available?

The room is available from 1200 on the arrival Sunday until 1200 on the departure Sunday.

You must not arrive or depart between 0000 (midnight) and 0700.

Do homestay hosts provide transport to and from College?

Nearly all our Homestay Accommodation is within 3km of the College, and many are within walking distance. Students make their own way to and from College.

Homestay Extra students living in a homestay more than 1.5 kms from the College receive a local bus pass. The parents of younger students (under the age of 14) may pay extra for a “school-run service”.  This costs £66 per week.

For our younger students we do ask hosts to collect them after evening events

Private bathrooms

The College has a limited number of homestays with private bathrooms for students. Private bathrooms (if requested) will contain a shower or bath, WC and basin. They are not necessarily en-suite, but are for the sole use of the student.

Private bathrooms in homestay are only available for students aged 18 and over and for an additional fee of £105 per week. 

For students who want a bit more privacy or their own bathroom, we recommend our very own Hotel, Bishop’s, which is next to the College!

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