Getting to York | Flying in to the UK

Getting to York

York is easy to reach! Our position on the main East Coast railway line, our direct link to Manchester International Airport and availability of low-cost flights to Leeds Bradford Airport all make a journey to York straightforward.

Airport Links

Manchester Airport has a direct rail link to York. This makes Manchester Airport a good choice for your arrival airport. Manchester has a good selection of European flights including a number of flights to all the main “European Gateway” airports. Manchester also has a small number of long-haul flights.

Students under the age of 18 have airport transfers included from and to Manchester Airport.

See for details.

Leeds Bradford Airport is the closest to York (45 minutes by road). Leeds Bradford has good connections, particularly during the summer, to European holiday destinations. Leeds Bradford also has excellent connections to Amsterdam Airport.

The Amsterdam connection is ideal for long-haul students and is also a good choice for younger students travelling as “unaccompanied minors”.

See for details.

The excellent services offered by Manchester and Leeds Bradford mean that you do not have to travel through London’s busy airports! Of course, if you would prefer to fly in to a London airport, then York also has the advantage of a high speed rail link to London.

Homestay extra Transfer Service (Sundays only) is for students on Homestay Extra and includes all students under 18 and all students studying on any of the junior courses.

Train and Taxi Durations from UK Airports

Manchester Airport

By train – 2h 00min
By Taxi – 81.9 miles (131.8 km). Travel time – 1hr 30min

Leeds Bradford Airport

By Train – 0h 50min
By Taxi – 30.6 miles (49.2 km). Travel time – 0hr 44min

Newcastle Airport

By Train – 1h 00min
By Taxi – 95.5 miles (153.7 km). Travel time – 1hr 56min

Liverpool Airport

By Train – 2h 30min
By Taxi – 99.3 miles (159.8 km). Travel time – 1hr 45min

London Luton Airport

By Train – 3h 10min
By Taxi – 178.5 miles (287.3 km). Travel time – 2hr 54min

London Stansted Airport

By Train – 3h 20min
By Taxi – 182 miles (292.9 km). Travel time – 2hr 59min

London Heathrow Airport

By Train – 5h 15min
By Taxi – 208.7 miles (335.9 km). Travel time – 3hr 25min

London Gatwick Airport

By Train – 3h 30min
By Taxi – 244.6 miles (393.6 km). Travel time – 3hr 54min