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What is Parental Consent?

FAQs: Courses

What is Parental Consent?

Parental Consent means that the College has the right to act on behalf of parents in the best interest of the child.

In the UK, you are a child until your are 18.

  • There are some decisions you are not allowed to make on your own
  • You have additional rights
  • There are some things
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What if my child is too ill to attend?

If staying in Homestay, your child's host will contact the College.

If your child is well enough/old enough to be left alone, the host may do so.

If your child is not old enough to be left alone and the host will be out, we either send a member of staff to babysit, or we

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What if I am too ill to attend?

Please contact the College and let us know.

Do I have to attend all my classes?

You are an adult and if you choose to miss classes, that is your choice (though please remember, you cannot get a refund!).

If you miss classes, you may miss something important for later lessons and your teachers will not be able to repeat previous material for you. Similarly, please remember that arriving late is

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Does my child have to attend all their lessons?

Yes!  We check our junior classes within the first 5 minutes of the start of the first lesson and start to look for any students who have not arrived.  Junior students must attend all lessons and all Saturday Excursions. The only exception to the rule for Saturday Excursions is for students staying with family or

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Do you have a Student Handbook?

No, but all the information you would find in a student handbook is right here on our website!

Do I have to buy coursebooks?

No. Our courses are all skills-based and we do not use coursebooks. We provide all course material as part of the tuition fee.

Can we come as a family?

Yes!  Melton College almost always runs Gold Courses (for those aged 40+) and Young Learners' Courses at the same time!  This means parents can join the Gold Course and kids the Young Learners' Course.

Am I an adult if I turn 18 during the course?

If you are under 18 on the first Sunday you arrive, the College will consider you a child even if you turn 18 during the course. This means that the curfews and rules for under 18s will apply during your time at the college.

What are the College Booking Conditions?

·Full fees must be received five weeks in advance
·If you wish to cancel a course and/or accommodation, you must give five weeks’ written notice
·No place can be definitely reserved, and no accommodation arranged, until the fees have been received
·The College strongly advises that all students aged 18 and older

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What is a mini-stay course?

Mini-stay courses are short group courses for closed groups. For more information head to our group courses page or search our FAQs

What are the minimum and maximum ages for courses at the College?

Gold: 40+.
Young Learners: 11-19. (10 if coming with a parent)

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What rules do I need to follow on excursions?

Please check you have received and understood any safety information given to you before visits and excursions. Make sure you follow safety instructions given on the trip either verbally or in writing by the staff leading the trip or by staff employed at the venue. ‘Read More’ for full list of rules.

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What are the rules in class?

In order to get the most out of your experience at the College, there are a number of rules we expect students to follow in class. Please ‘Read More’ for details

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What will my course be like?

We have a range of courses for students of all ages and abilities from Elementary to Advanced levels! All our courses are based in the College building so all our students get the same high standard of facilities.

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What are the rules for students under 18?

If you are under 18 years old then the law says that the College is responsible for you. This does not mean we think you are a child but it does mean that we must think about what is best for you in the way that a parent would.

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Excursion to Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby

This is a test page which, in due course will contain information about the excursion to Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby.

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Do you provide travel insurance?

We can arrange travel insurance, but it is not automatically included in your course. You can download the details of the insurance we offer in the download section.

How do I pay for my course?

Flywire is our preferred method of payment and payment for your course is due at least 5 weeks before the course start date.

Can closed groups have hot lunches?

Closed groups can opt to have hot lunches for an additional fee. Please contact the college for more information.

Can we have CLIL lessons?

Our lessons are usually skills based, but we can tailor tuition to meet your groups requirements. 

How many students are in a class for closed groups?

As a guide, the minimum class size is 10.  The maximum class size is 18 (20 for the first class).  We aim for an average of 15 per class. Closed groups are bespoke and arranged by negotiation between the College and those organising the group.

Does Melton College run zig-zag timetables for group courses?

Not by choice.  However, if it is the only possibility for certain dates we will tell you at the time of booking.

Can we change the afternoon activities or design our own programme on Group Courses?

Of course, just contact us with the details! We are always happy to offer advice.

When do mini-stay courses start and finish?

Subject to availability, courses can start and finish on any day.

Which airports can we use for group courses?

Closed groups can arrive/depart from any airport. The transfer price will depend on the airport chosen. The closest to York is Leeds Bradford.

Can I start any Monday?

It depends which course you are following, please ‘Read More’ for details.

Who will be in my class? And how many students will be there?

For all courses at the College the maximum number of students in each class is 14.

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What if the level of the class is too low or too high for me?

If after you have completed your first day in the College you think you should be in another level please speak to the Director of Studies.

Will I have the same teacher for all my classes?

Generally, you will be taught by three different teachers during a full day.

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