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FAQs: Courses

Can I study on the Adult English Exam course if my level is below B1?

Melton College reserves the right to refuse admission to an examination course if a student’s placement test results do not meet the level required to begin the requested examination course. In this case Melton College would place the student into a General Adult English class at their appropriate level. Although our General Adult English courses…

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What are the minimum and maximum ages for courses at the College?

General English A: 18+. General English B: 16+. Gold: 40+. Young Learners Summer 11-17. Young Learners Winter, Easter & October: 10-17. IELTS Prep: 16+

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I am a long term student, can I take a break during my course?

Some long term students may wish to take a break at some point during their course. The College is happy for students to do so, however, all breaks must be agreed with the College in advance.

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What rules do I need to follow on excursions?

Please check you have received and understood any safety information given to you before visits and excursions. Make sure you follow safety instructions given on the trip either verbally or in writing by the staff leading the trip or by staff employed at the venue. ‘Read More’ for full list of rules.

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What are the rules in class?

In order to get the most out of your experience at the College, there are a number of rules we expect students to follow in class. Please ‘Read More’ for details

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What are the rules for students under 18?

If you are under 18 years old then the law says that the College is responsible for you. This does not mean we think you are a child but it does mean that we must think about what is best for you in the way that a parent would.

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Excursion to Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby

This is a test page which, in due course will contain information about the excursion to Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby.

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Do you provide travel insurance?

Yes, we can arrange travel insurance, this also includes medical cover, for £6.05 per week through ‘Studentguard+’, the College does not make any profit from this.

How do I pay for my course?

Flywire is our preferred method of payment and payment for your course is due at least 5 weeks before the course start date.

Can I start any Monday?

It depends which course you are following, please ‘Read More’ for details.

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Who will be in my class? And how many students will be there?

For all courses at the College the maximum number of students in each class is 14.

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What if the level of the class is too low or too high for me?

If after you have completed your first day in the College you think you should be in another level please speak to the Academic Manager.

Will I have the same teacher for all my classes?

Generally, you will be taught by three different teachers during a full day.

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Where will my classes be?

All your classes will be at Melton College.

My Guided E-Learning account doesn’t work and I can’t log in to my Guided E-Learning account. What can I do?

Try to log in while using Internet Explorer. Sometimes it won’t work with Firefox. If you still cannot log in, just contact us. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Will I get a certificate when I finish the course or pass an examination?

Every student receives a certificate from Melton College

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Are social activities and excursions included in the fees?

It depends which course you are following. Please ‘Read More’ for details

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Do you arrange weekend excursions?

During our Summer Course, Winter, Easter and October Course and the Gold Course we have excursions every weekend. We are happy to assist you to arrange your own excursion and help you with any travel/transport questions you may have.

Do you accept beginners?

We do not accept beginners on any of our courses. The minimum level for our General English, Gold, Summer and Young Learner Courses is Elementary. Our IELTS PREP Course is aimed at Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate level students.

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Can I keep the materials I am given in class?

At the beginner of their course all students are given a folder in which to collect and keep worksheets completed and the work done in lessons. Students take this home at the end of their course. On courses which follow a coursebook, all students will be given a Students’ Book and a Workbook to keep.

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Can we bring additional leaders on Group Courses?

Yes, but you will need to cover their costs.

What age can the College accept on Group Courses?

From 11.

Can we land in the south and visit London?

Of course! However, there will be a surcharge for the transfers.

When do Group Courses start and finish?

Subject to availability, courses can start and finish on any day.

Can we stay an extra night after the Group Course?

Yes, for an additional fee.

If we have time, can we arrange an additional excursion on the Group Course?

Of course! The cost will depend on the group size and destination chosen.

Can we change the afternoon activities or design our own programme for the Group Course?

Of course, just contact us with the details! We are always happy to offer advice.

What is the Group Course timetable?

Closed Group Courses are normally skills based. However, we can tailor the tuition to suit the requirements of your group.

Are there any weeks we cannot choose for a Group Course?

Yes, we cannot accept closed groups for the two weeks over Christmas, for the weeks either side of the Easter weekend or at any time during the Summer Course.