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Can I study on the Adult English Exam course if my level is below B1?

Melton College reserves the right to refuse admission to an examination course if a student’s placement test results do not meet the level required to begin the requested examination course. In this case Melton College would place the student into a General Adult English class at their appropriate level. Although our General Adult English courses…

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What can you expect at Bishop’s?

Bishop’s is our residence next door to the College. Formerly York’s top Bed and Breakfast Hotel (winner the Visit York Tourism awards “Best B&B”), Bishop’s is now exclusively for the use of our adult students and families!

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Who can stay at Bishop’s?

Bishop’s is available for adult students and families, where a child is accompanied by a parent. As well as single rooms, the hotel has a number of twins and double rooms so couples or friends can also stay – and take advantage of the second person discount!

What is Bishop’s?

Bishop’s is our residence, next door to the College. Formerly York’s top Bed and Breakfast Hotel (winner the Visit York Tourism awards “Best B&B”), Bishop’s is now exclusively for the use of our adult students and families! Bishop’s has 14 en-suite rooms, including singles, doubles or twins, and family rooms (doubles with an adjoining single).

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How does the College look after the welfare of its students?

All Students Melton College places great emphasis on the welfare of all of our students, not just those under 18. If you need to see a doctor or a dentist during your stay, we can arrange this. If you have any problems, or are unhappy, about anything during your staff students are welcome to speak…

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What are the minimum and maximum ages for courses at the College?

Course Minimum Age Most Common Age Maximum Age Exceptions General English A 18 23+ – General English B 16 23+ – During the period of the Summer Course the minimum age is 18 Gold 40 – Young Learners Summer 11 14-16 17 The College will accept students aged 18 who are still at school Young…

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Do I have to stay in Homestay?

We believe staying in local homes, carefully selected by the College, gives students a great opportunity to practise their English. However, we can assist students in finding a variety of other accommodation options, including local hotels, hostels, or self catering apartments. Students under 18, staying with friends and families in their own accommodation must pay a supplement to cover full-board lunches at the College and a local bus pass. 

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What type of restaurants are there in York?

For a small city York has an excellent independent restaurant scene! As well as a number of large chain restaurants, there are independent restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes and budgets. We have a list of places we personally recommend but a great place to start is also “The Good Food Guide” and “Indie…

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Will I have to share a room?

Student’s under 18 may be required to share a room with a student from a different lanaguage group.

How long will it take to get from my Homestay to the College?

All our Homestay Accomodation is within 3km of the College, and many are within walking distance.

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How much will it cost to get from my Homestay accommodation to the College?

Bus passes are included for students on homestay extra. For other students, the prices for First buses in York are as follows: FirstDay £4.40, FirstWeek £17.00 and FirstMonth £50.00 (Prices for other companies in York may vary).

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What can you expect from your Homestay?

Staying in Homestay accomodation means that you will live as a part of a local household. Please ‘Read more’ to see what to expect.

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My child is on a course at Melton College, what do I do if I am worried about anything?

We appriciate it can be stressful when your child is away from home, especially if it is the first time.

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What extra care and support is given to students under 18?

Although the welfare of all students is important to us, Melton College has a number of extra welfare regulations set in place for students under 18. Please ‘Read More’ for details.

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What does the College do?

Our aim is to help our students communicate. We do this by providing a caring environment where we know our students needs. We do this celebrating our, history, our size and our location; making the most of what we can offer. Download our mission statement to see our aims for each of our courses!

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What is Homestay Extra?

All Young Learners and students under 18, are automatically enrolled on Homestay Extra. Homestay Extra includes homestay accommodation in local families, full board (breakfast and dinner with your family, and lunch at the College), a local bus pass if the family lives more that 20 minutes (1500m) from the College and airport transfers. For students…

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Does Melton College offer airport transfers?

The College can arrange airport transfers for students for a fee. The transfer service is included in the fees for students on Homestay Extra (only sundays, from given airports at given times) please ‘read more’ for details.

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What are the booking conditions?

The College has a number of booking conditions which you have to agree to on booking. Please ‘read more’ for full summary.

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What is the College’s data protection policy?

Melton College, York is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We take privacy seriously and take great care to protect your personal information.

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What are the rules of the road in the UK?

In the UK, cars drive on the left. When you cross the road, you should look right, look left and then look right again before crossing. Cars have right of way on the road and pedestrians should only cross at marked pedestrian crossings.

Where can I find places of worship in York?

In the College, students are invited to use the Prayer Room for private prayers. We would ask you to respect the privacy of students using the room for this purpose. Please ‘read more’ to see list of places of worship in or near York.

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What do I do if I am ill and cannot attend class?

If you are ill, you, or your host MUST RING the College to let us know that you are not attending school. (01904) 622250

I am a long term student, can I take a break during my course?

Some long term students may wish to take a break at some point during their course. The College is happy for students to do so, however, all breaks must be agreed with the College in advance.

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What rules do I need to follow on excursions?

Please check you have received and understood any safety information given to you before visits and excursions. Make sure you follow safety instructions given on the trip either verbally or in writing by the staff leading the trip or by staff employed at the venue. ‘Read More’ for full list of rules.

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What happens if there is a fire?

There are fire safety notices in all the classrooms and in all the common areas around the College. Please read these carefully and ask if there is anything you do not understand.

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What are the College’s opening hours?

The College and grounds are open every weekday from 08.30~17.00. The College is not open at the weekend.

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What are the rules in class?

In order to get the most out of your experience at the College, there are a number of rules we expect students to follow in class. Please ‘Read More’ for details

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What do I do if I have an injury at the College?

A number of staff are First Aid trained and the designated First Aid Point is at Reception

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Do I need to tell the College about any allergies or illness?

In order to look after you, we must know if you have any allergies or illnesses.

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What do I do if I need to see a dentist?

If you require a dentist, you can ask the Welfare Officer to arrange an appointment. In the UK, you will be expected to pay for treatment, and unless in great pain, you are unlikely to be given an appointment immediately