Melton College

FAQs: Accommodation

Do I have to stay in Homestay?

We believe staying in local homes, carefully selected by the College, gives students a great opportunity to practise their English. However, we can assist students in finding a variety of other accommodation options, including local hotels, hostels, or self catering apartments. Students under 18, staying with friends and families in their own accommodation must pay a supplement to cover full-board lunches at the College and a local bus pass. 

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Will I have to share a room?

Student’s under 18 may be required to share a room with a student from a different lanaguage group.

How long will it take to get from my Homestay to the College?

All our Homestay Accomodation is within 3km of the College, and many are within walking distance.

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How much will it cost to get from my Homestay accommodation to the College?

Bus passes are included for students on homestay extra. For other students, the prices for First buses in York are as follows: FirstDay £4.40, FirstWeek £17.00 and FirstMonth £50.00 (Prices for other companies in York may vary).

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What can you expect from your Homestay?

Staying in Homestay accomodation means that you will live as a part of a local household. Please ‘Read more’ to see what to expect.

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What is Homestay Extra?

All Young Learners and students under 18, are automatically enrolled on Homestay Extra. Homestay Extra includes homestay accommodation in local families, full board (breakfast and dinner with your family, and lunch at the College), a local bus pass and airport transfers. For students staying in their own accommodation there is a “Homestay Extra supplement” of…

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What time is curfew?

When at Melton College, if you are under 18, the College will, in certain circumstances, make decisions on behalf of your parents. The College has decided that all students under the age of 18 should return home by certain curfew times. See ‘Read More’ for details.

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Do you organise accommodation?

Yes, we can arrange homestay with families or provide information to assist you in finding a suitable hotel or rented accommodation.

What is the accommodation like?

As a guest in homestay accommodation you will eat with the family and be able to join in with family life.

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Is food provided?

All accommodation includes bed, breakfast, evening meals and lunch at weekends.

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Do you provide a private bathroom in the accommodation?

Yes, there are a limited number of private bathrooms in our homestay accommodation at an extra cost.

Do you provide TV?

Most host families will have a TV and will allow you to watch with them. There are videos and DVDs in the school that you can watch.

Can I make food and drinks for myself?

There are facilities in the school for you to make food: a microwave, hot water, cups and plates etc. You can eat your food in the school cafe, but not in the classrooms. Please do not make food in your bedroom because of the fire risk – ask your host family.

What kind of accommodation for families do you offer?

We can offer homestay for families or provide information to assist you in finding a suitable hotel or rented accommodation.

How long can I stay?

You can come for as little as one week (two weeks for Summer Course students) or for up to 11 months. We will welcome you to start a course at any time of the year except the two weeks over Christmas, when the school is closed.