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What is ‘a safe environment’?

FAQs: Accommodation

What is ‘a safe environment’?

This is mostly a matter of common sense, but it is worth drawing the student’s attention to safety features. Many students will bring electrical appliances and, especially with the younger ones, it is quite acceptable to check that they are using them in a safe manner. You should also draw students’ attention to extra precautions

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What is ‘adequate heat and light’?

This is difficult to describe but, for example, a second or third blanket is not a substitute for night time heating in cold weather!

What are Melton College’s official accreditations?

Accreditation, what it means

Melton College is accredited by a body called ‘Accreditation UK’. They inspect the quality of the services we provide. To remain accredited, we have to abide by a large number of criteria. These include:

W15 No more than four students will be accommodated in a Homestay at any one time.

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What are some top tips that I can use?

Top tips for a happy Homestay!

  • Clarity and Empathy - Some of our students are very young; many are in a foreign country for the first time or away from their parents for the first time. All of them are communicating in a foreign language. Most anxiety is caused by not knowing what to
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How much ‘space to hang/store clothes’ do the students need?

This means being able to unpack completely! For longer-term students it may be worth considering a laundry basket for dirty clothes.

Do I have to clean and tidy after the student?

It is the student’s responsibility to keep their room tidy, but this does not mean they should be expected to do any cleaning. It is reasonable to expect the student to make their own bed but not reasonable to expect them to change the sheets. Make sure that untidiness is not caused by confusion over

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What are ‘reasonable mealtimes’?

This can be a real problem! Just about everyone else in the world eats later than the British! The student should expect to have to fit in. 1800~2000 is a reasonable time range for an evening meal. We appreciate that families with small children may want to eat earlier but you must accept that your

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What are the Melton College Welfare Regulations 2023?

We want our students to get the most out of their course at Melton College and to enjoy themselves as much as possible. We all have to obey rules. For our younger students, there are some additional rules designed for their protection. The student, and if they are under 18, their parents, agree to abide

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What are the tax implications?

Please be aware that if your earnings from hosting are above the minimum threshold tax will be payable. For more information, visit the following website:

Do I have to give my student(s) a key?

Preferably No. However, for adult students it is a practical arrangement, particularly if they want to return late or if they will get home in the evening before you. If you prefer not to give an adult student a key this is your choice but the implications are that you will need to be…

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What is there for Breakfast at Melton Guest House?

We offer a very full, continental breakfast (with additional items at the weekend)!

What is the Homestay accommodation like?

Homestay accommodation is a room in a local family's house, sometimes on your own and sometimes shared with another student at Melton college.

What can you expect from Homestay?

Staying in Homestay accommodation means that you will live as a part of a local household, you will eat with the family and be able to join in with family life.

How much will it cost to get from my Homestay to the College?

All our Homestay accommodation is within 3km of the College, and many are within walking distance.

For some Homestay students, a local bus pass is included. For other students, please have a look at First Bus York for up to date prices.

How long will it take to get from my Homestay to the College?

All our Homestay accommodation is within 3km of the College, and many are within walking distance. For some Homestay students, a local bus pass is included. For other students, please have a look at First Bus York for up to date prices.

Is food provided in Melton Guest House?

Students staying in Melton Guest House receive a continental breakfast and a simple evening meal everyday. Children staying with their family in Melton Guest House also receive lunch at the College during the week.

How do I become a host?

Follow the link to our "become a host" page or contact our Accommodation Manager, Denise by calling 01904 622250 or emailing

What happens when I apply to be a host?

Once for have filled in the applications form, Denise will arrange to visit the room/s you are offering. If everything is suitable you can sign a formal agreement and officially become a host

What does a Homestay host provide?

Requirements for providing homestay accommodation.

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When does the College require Homestay accommodation?

All year round except for 2 weeks over Christmas when the College is closed. Please note if the room is not available in July, August or September we will be unlikely to use that room.

Do you organise accommodation?

Yes, we provide Homestay with families in York or you can stay at our hotel, Melton Guest House.

What is Melton Guest House?

Melton Guest House is our own family run hotel directly next to the College. Formerly York’s top Bed and Breakfast Hotel (winner of the Visit York Tourism awards “Best B&B”)

What can you expect at Melton Guest House?

Bishop’s is our residence next door to the College. Formerly York’s top Bed and Breakfast Hotel (winner the Visit York Tourism awards “Best B&B”), now owned and managed by Melton College

Who can stay at Melton Guest House?

Melton Guest House is available for adult students and families, where a child is accompanied by a parent. As well as single rooms, the hotel has a number of twins and double rooms so couples or friends can also stay 

What are the minimum and maximum ages for courses at the College?

Gold: 40+.
Young Learners: 11-19. (10 if coming with a parent)

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What time is curfew?

When at Melton College, if you are under 18, the College will, in certain circumstances, make decisions on behalf of your parents. The College has decided that all students under the age of 18 should return home by certain curfew times. See ‘Read More’ for details.

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How long will it take to get from Melton Guest House to the college?

Melton Guest House is directly next door to the College! Melton Guest House’s garden leads directly to the College garden.

Will I have to share a room in Homestay?

Student's over 18 will have a single room. Student's under 18 may be required to share a room with a student from a different language group.

What is Melton College’s safeguarding policy?

Melton College has a moral and legal obligation to provide students with the highest possible standard of care. Melton College is committed to devising and implementing policies so that all staff are aware of their responsibilities to safeguard children from harm and abuse.

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Do I have to stay in Homestay?

No, we also have our very own hotel, Melton Guest House, next door to the College! You can also arrange your own accommodation.

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